Rubio Monocoat Oil plus 2C COLOR Picker

Oil Plus is a revolutionary, plant-based, hardwax oil wood finish. As the name implies, in just one simple application you get color and protection for wood. It is used for flooring, furniture, cabinetry, millwork and just about any wood project imaginable. Oil Plus 2C works by forming a molecular bond with the topmost fibers of the wood. This results in a durable, water-resistant finish, all while keeping the natural look and feel of the wood. 2C stands for 2-component. Part A is the oil, and Part B is an accelerant and hardener. Oil Plus 2C is 0% VOC and does not contain solvents or water. It does not produce lap lines. It is easy to apply and maintain, and can be applied to all wood types. Oil Plus 2C is available in over 40 colors, which can all be mixed to create endless color possibilities. Choose your preferred color. Keep in mind the final color is always a combination of the oil and the woodtype. These reference swatches are based on European Oak. Click a tile to jump to the preselected product!

Rubio monocoat oil plus 2 c