About Us


Hi, I’m Sam. Since I was a kid I have loved working with wood and this passion only grew stronger throughout the years. When I first got started I had only the basic DIY equipment, which is to be expected. However, over the years as I have gained experience and invested in higher-quality tools, the difference in the overall quality of my work was undeniable. Not only are professional products typically more enjoyable to work with, but they also play a major part in ensuring a stunning end result.  

For years I had the opportunity to work in a professional wood treatment environment. It was there I truly recognized the difference between professional, high-quality products and the often cheaper manufactured DIY products offered at local craft stores. Professional tools are one thing, but the products you are using alongside these are just as important. 

From there my vision was clear, I wanted professional products to be available to DIY’ers like me, everywhere. This is when I met up with my business partner, Lieven. With his knowledge and background in professional epoxy’s and my passion for woodworking, we formed the perfect team, to accomplish our goals.  

Here at woodPox, we love to inspire others to start crafting their own ideas with wood and epoxy resins. We want to show you how to combine epoxy resins and wood into a beautiful piece of art that will wow those around you! We want you to explore your ideas, no matter how crazy. After all, the possibilities are endless from epoxy resin river tables, to coasters, coffee tables, cutting & chopping boards, handles, trays, jewelery, lamps, key chains, decorative accents and more. 

WoodPOX makes it easy for every DIY’er to get started. By offering unique DIY starter kits and expansion sets that combine all the essential materials, we make it easier for you to bring your ideas to life.